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Alltech Services

From homes to office buildings to entire factories, we specialise in giving you complete control over your indoor environment. We don’t just install products, we design systems that meet each of our client’s unique requirements.



Our professional employees are dedicated to the flawless execution of every job, every time.



Skilled electrical engineers and technicians for all your projects



Offering our customers some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry.

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Since 1965

we have been staying on top of the latest advances in air conditioning technology, and we use this knowledge to build state-of-the-art systems that are reliable and long-lasting. Count on us to design and install your heating and cooling system; all you will need to worry about is choosing a comfortable temperature.

Tailored Solutions

You get the best of both worlds with Alltech Services. Our company is large enough to attract highly qualified and experienced electricians, engineers, and technicians, and offer our services to you at competitive prices. Yet we are also a small enough company to offer our customers unmatched personalised service that’s becoming increasingly harder to find these days.